5 Auto Collision Repair Myths

11 May 2021
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An auto collision means you will need to get some repairs. Know the following myths so you don't fall victim to these problems.

1. Your Insurance Chooses Your Shop

This is a common misconception. Your insurance agency may provide you with a list of their recommended shops, but you are not required to use them. In fact, the best idea is to get at least three repair quotes. This can help you prove the cost of repairs in the event that the insurance adjuster undervalues the final cost of repairing your vehicle following a collision.

2. All Dents Require a Paint Job

Often, minor collision damage can be done with paintless dent repair. This type of repair doesn't require much more than labor to complete, as there is no need to repair creases, remove rust, or repaint damaged panels. It's always worth asking if the damage on your car is a good candidate for the much quicker and less expensive option of paintless repair.

3. Independent Shops Can't Restore to Factory Quality

You don't need to take the car into the dealership in order to have it restored to its factory quality, nor is this necessary for maintaining any type of warranty. Licensed repair shops can install OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, which is exactly what the dealership will do. Since collision shops specialize in bodywork, you may arguably get even better repairs by opting to use an independent shop that specializes in collision and body repairs.

4. Frame Damage Totals a Car

Previously, a bent frame was a massive problem for a vehicle, as any attempts at a repair would be weak and short-lasting. Modern vehicles use a unibody frame, which means it is cast all in one piece. As long as the frame isn't broken, it can be pulled back into its original shape. This is completely safe and much harder to total.

5. Cosmetic Damage Can Be Ignored

It may only look like cosmetic damage, but a collision can also cause hidden mechanical problems like the aforementioned frame damage. Over time, this hidden damage can affect handling or lead to fluid leaks, which is both a safety hazard and causes major breakdowns. There is also the issue with rust when cosmetic damage isn't repaired promptly.

If you find yourself in this situation, it's important to get the right help. Contact an auto collision repair shop to learn more.