Involved In A Fender Bender? Why You Should Fix The Bumper Damage

22 December 2020
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Bumpers are designed to withstand a significant amount of abuse, leading to dents and dings over an extended period of time. Many automobile owners don't worry about minor damage to their bumpers, but if you are involved in a minor fender bender, the damage that is sustained to the bumper should be addressed sooner rather than later before it has a chance to lead to other issues with your vehicle. Keep reading to learn why you should have bumper damage repaired by an auto collision repair shop.

Bumpers Can Reduce the Impact on Your Vehicle

When your vehicle strikes another vehicle or an object, there is a good chance that the bumper is the first thing that will make contact. As previously mentioned, bumpers are designed to withstand a significant amount of force upon impact, prior to other parts of the vehicle making contact. This is particularly true in minor auto collisions, such as fender benders. Unfortunately, if your bumper has been damaged and is not in tip-top shape, the damage to the vehicle's body and other important areas, such as the lights, can be easily impacted and damaged.

Damaged Bumpers Reduce Your Vehicle's Value

You may not realize it, but any damage to your bumper will impact the price of your vehicle overall. You will find this out when you go to trade it in or sell it. The more dings and dents your vehicle has in the bumper or the overall body, the less you will be able to get for it. Ultimately, the damage reflects on your driving style and shows that there is more wear and tear on the vehicle.

Damaged Bumpers May Be Hiding Underlying Issues

You may assume that your bumper is the only thing that has sustained damage, but when your vehicle has been in a fender bender—regardless of how minor—there may have been more damage. Sure, it is true that bumpers are designed to withstand a large portion of the shock energy that takes place during a collision. However, it can result in some internal issues with the body of the vehicle. In some cases, a collision can result in misalignment issues, placing additional pressure on a number of other components of the vehicle. If this happens, you will be dealing with a lot more than just bumper damage. By having the bumper fixed immediately, these underlying issues can be detected and repaired early on before they have a chance to cause extensive damage.

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