Auto Body Damage Answers For Car Owners

4 May 2019
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Auto body damage will be an issue that almost every car owner will encounter if they own a vehicle for a long period. Unfortunately, many of these damages can be the result of collisions with other vehicles or objects.

Is It Worth It To Repair Minor Auto Body Collision Damage?

Vehicle owners may be under the impression that the costs and inconveniences of repairing their vehicle will make it impractical to address minor collision damage. Yet, even minor collisions can have enough force to chip the paint, which can lead to corrosion that can spread throughout the exterior. Additionally, minor dents can decrease the aerodynamics and fuel efficiency of the vehicle while also lowering its resale value. Appreciating the full range of ways that minor auto body damage can impact your vehicle will reduce the risk of you neglecting this damage due to assuming it is only a minor issue. This will help you with limiting the amount of damage that the body of your vehicle sustains, which will help to keep the costs and difficulties of the repairs to a minimum.

Do You Have To Get The Vehicle's Body Damage Repaired At The Dealership?

When a car owner is looking at their options for addressing body damage, they may start with the assumption that this damage will have to be repaired at a dealership. While the dealership will usually be able to provide body repair services, they can be a more expensive and less convenient option than using an independent repair provider. Furthermore, if the body repair is being covered by insurance, you will be able to choose any fully licensed auto body collision repair services to perform this work. This can make it worthwhile to shop around for the best deal and to ensure that you are getting the highest quality results.

Will A Courtesy Vehicle Always Be Provided During The Body Repairs?

For major auto body damage, it can take several days or longer before the repair work will be completed. Most individuals will find that being without a vehicle for this long can be a major hindrance as it can lead to problems with getting to work and running daily errands. Some repair services will provide their clients with courtesy vehicles that they can use for the duration of these repairs. However, this is not universally offered. If you are unable to find a repair provider that offers this amenity, you may want to review your insurance policy as many plans will provide coverage for rental vehicles for these situations.