4 Ways To Keep Your Car's Paint Like New

25 March 2016
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If your car is your pride and joy, you probably want to keep it looking like new for as long as possible. Over the years your car's paint job can really start to show signs of wear and damage, going from shiny to dinged up and faded sooner than you'd like. Luckily, there are things you can do to protect the exterior of your car and keep the paint job looking like new for years to come. Here are four ideas:

Cover Your Car Whenever Possible

The best way to take care of your car's paint job is to prevent it from getting damaged or faded in the first place by providing adequate cover. Parking your car in a garage at home is ideal, but even if you don't have a garage you should still be able to cover your car.

One option is to purchase a portable carport which is essentially like a protective tent for your car that you can set up and then take down whenever you like. Another idea is to purchase a tarp or cover especially made to protect your car. Removing it will add a few extra minutes onto your morning routine, but can be well worth the effort.

Have Your Car Waxed Regularly

Waxing your car regularly not only makes it instantly look shiny, but also adds a layer of protection between your car's paint job and the outside world. A layer of clear wax can help prevent damage from small rocks, rain and snow, and even bird poop, which can otherwise eat away at your car's paint job.

Add Paint Protection Film

For an extra level of protection beyond what's offered by car wax, have paint protection film added to your whole car. This is a thin, invisible, yet strong film that helps your car resist scratches and dents, and keeps your car's paint color vibrant and bright.

Go to the Auto Body Repair Shop

Instead of letting scratches, dings, or peeling paint sit and get progressively worse, be proactive and take your car into the auto body repair shop at the first sign of cosmetic damage. Professional auto body mechanics have many tricks and tools at their disposal to make your car look brand new again in a short time.

By following these tips, you can rest assured that your car will continue to look shiny and new for a long time. If you notice damage, contact a business, such as Westside Fender/Body & Refinishing