Protecting Your Vehicle In Winter

4 February 2016
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Winter is hard on everyone and everything. The cold and snow are particular challenges for your vehicle. The salt applied to the roads can really do a number on the exterior of your car or truck. Your engine can also take a hit. Fortunately, you can take steps to keep your vehicle healthy during the long winter.


Even those folks with a garage often do not keep their vehicles inside of it because they've turned it into an informal storage unit. However, you need to remedy that situation. Keeping your car or truck in the garage helps to preserve it. Your car will better retain its value if the paint is in good condition. Extreme heat and cold "age" your car's appearance and cost you in trade-in value. A garage keeps your vehicle warmer and eliminates the need to idle it for extended periods of time to warm it up. You waste gas and potentially harm your spark plugs when you idle your car for more than a few minutes each day.

Also, parking on the street or even in the driveway ups the chances that your vehicle will be stolen or damaged by another driver. Having a garage and actually using it properly protects your automotive investment. 


You know that keeping your car clean during the winter is essential for preserving the paint and stopping corrosion to the body, particularly in those areas that are difficult to reach. However, cold temperatures and short days often discourage you from pulling into the car wash and doing your duty. Common sense should govern when you wash your vehicle in the winter months. Obviously, when your car is visibly dirty, it's time to wash it, unless the temperatures are too low. You should wait until the temperature is at least 30 degrees or you risk having your door locks and handles freeze. You may be tempted to wait when you see the long lines at the car wash, but you never know when the temperature will bottom out again. Drive in and get the grit off while you can.

Protect your vehicle's exterior and engine by taking some precautions during the cold snowy days of winter. Simply storing your car in your garage makes a huge difference in its look and performance. Don't forget to take your vehicle to the car wash whenever the weather breaks enough to keep the water from freezing on your doors. Just a few basic steps will keep winter from ravaging your car or truck. For more tips, contact a company like George's Eastside Shell.