Protecting Your Vehicle In Winter

4 February 2016
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Winter is hard on everyone and everything. The cold and snow are particular challenges for your vehicle. The salt applied to the roads can really do a number on the exterior of your car or truck. Your engine can also take a hit. Fortunately, you can take steps to keep your vehicle healthy during the long winter. Garage Even those folks with a garage often do not keep their vehicles inside of it because they've turned it into an informal storage unit. Read More 

Two Tips To Help You Save Money On Collision Repair

14 December 2015
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If you've recently been involved in a collision, your top priority is likely getting the car repaired as quickly as possible.  The last thing you want to do is remain in a car with unsightly dents that mar the appearance of your vehicle.  However, if your insurance company won't cover the costs, or if you only carry liability coverage, financial issues could be stopping you from getting your car back into its former condition. Read More 

Repairing A Small Dent With Temperature Changes

22 October 2015
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If you had a mishap where you had bumped your vehicle into a tree, guardrail, or another structure, you may find you have a dent where the impact had occurred. If this dent is not large it might not be cost-effective to have your car insurance pay for an auto body shop to do your repair work. You can either pay for the damage out-of-pocket or give a go at making the repair yourself. Read More 

How to Fix Car Dents without Hurting the Paint

6 July 2015
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Car dents can be expensive to fix, and the body paint can also become damaged in the process. Here you will learn how to fix the dents and keep the paint intact. You do not need many materials; in fact, you may even have all of the materials that you need at home already. You will need the following: Glue Gun Glue Sticks Screws or Bolts Wood Dowel Saw Step 1: Making Grips and Cleaning the Area Read More 

Filling In A Paint Chip On Your Vehicle

17 June 2015
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If you have recently noticed a spot on your vehicle where the paint has chipped, you will want to repair it as soon as possible to avoid having the underlying metal rust. When paint gets scraped you may want to take your vehicle to an auto body shop for an assessment. If it is merely a small chip, however, you should be able to do the paint repair on your own. Here are some instructions on filling in the area so that no one will be able to tell it was there at all. Read More