Tinting Your Car's Windows

16 November 2021
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If you are considering tinting the windows of your car, you will need to avoid letting some common misconceptions about window tinting mislead you about what to expect from making this customization to your vehicle.

Myth: Tinting Your Windows Will Make It More Difficult to Drive at Night

Many individuals will assume that tinting their car's windows will make it far more difficult for them to be able to see while driving at night. In reality, this is not generally a problem as long as individuals have followed the recommended darkness of tints for their area. In some cases, individuals may find that these tints may even make it easier to drive at night as they will be less impacted when other drivers have their headlights on bright.

Myth: Tinted Windows Will Develop Air Pockets Soon After Being Installed

When individuals attempt to apply a window tint on their own, it can be easy to make mistakes that will allow air pockets to form under the film soon after being installed. However, this is not typically a problem that you should expect to encounter when using a professional window tinting service for your vehicle. These services will be using high-quality adhesives to effectively hold the tint to the glass. Additionally, they will be able to easily apply and secure these tints so that wrinkles or small air pockets are not left behind. In addition to providing these benefits, window tinting services can also be extremely fast, which may allow you to have all of your windows tinted in as little as a couple of hours.

Myth: You'll Have to Replace the Car's Glass to Remove the Window Tint

If you decide to have the window tints removed soon, it will be a fairly simple process that should not cause significant damage to the glass. A specially designed solvent can be used to dissolve the adhesive that is holding the tinted film to the glass, which will allow it to be simply lifted off. Once the tint has been removed, the pane of glass will also be thoroughly cleaned to remove any residual adhesive that may have been left behind. This will prevent the adhesive from being able to trap dirt and cause portions of the glass to become excessively dirty and difficult to clean for the owner. In addition to allowing you to permanently remove the tint, this will also be a necessary step for replacing the tint after it has faded over the years.

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