Hail Storm Leave Your Car With Dents? Why You Should Choose Paintless Hail Damage Repairs

6 October 2020
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If your car has been damaged in a hail storm, you may have decided to forego the repairs. After all, another hail storm will probably come through the area. While foregoing hail damage repair might seem like a good idea, it can actually do more harm than good in the long run. That's because the dents may go deeper than you thought. If that's the case, your car will start to rust or oxidize. Not only that, but those hail dents decrease the value of your car. The best thing you can do is have the damage repaired as soon as possible. Before you take your car in for repairs though, talk to the body shop about paintless hail damage repair. Here are just four of the reasons why paintless hail damage repair might be your best option. 

You'll Get Your Car Back Quicker

If you're going to take your car for hail damage repairs, you want to know that you'll get your car back as quickly as possible. Traditional auto body repairs can take longer than you might want, especially if there's extensive hail damage. That's because the damage needs to be repaired, and then your car needs to be painted. You won't need to worry about that when you choose paintless repairs. Once the dents are removed, your car will be ready for pickup. 

It's Covered by Your Insurance

If your car has been damaged in a hail storm, you might be worried about the cost of repairs, especially if you're considering paintless repairs. If you have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance, repairs to your car will be covered by your policy, even if you choose paintless dent repairs. Be sure to submit a repair estimate to your insurance company. That way you receive the full cost for the repairs. 

It'll Handle All the Hail Damage

If you need to take your car in for repairs due to hail damage, you may be worried about the size of the dents. If you have large dents caused by hail, you may worry that the paintless process won't cover the more extensive damage. That's not the case. Paintless hail repairs can tackle even the deepest dings and dents. 

It's Not a Temporary Solution

If your car has been damaged by hail, you want to make sure that the repairs are permanent. With paintless hail damage repair, they will be. Once your car is repaired, the dents and dings will be gone forever.

For more information about vehicle hail damage repair, contact a local auto repair shop.