How To Respond To Vehicle Body Damage After An Auto Collision

9 June 2020
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After a collision on the road, there may be severe damage to your vehicle's body. Although it may look bad, you still should see about having the damage repaired. This process can be less stressful if you utilize these tips.

Have Body Assessed Professionally

After an auto collision, you need to see what can be done to your vehicle in terms of restoring it back to its original condition. You'll then know how much the repairs will cost and also see if repairing the vehicle is even worth it based on the condition it's in.

Talk to an auto body expert and have them give you their honest opinion. You might want to have multiple inspections done too so that you have a better idea of what's possible. Then with this information, you'll know what steps to take next. 

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Before you start thinking about any sort of repair, it's first important to talk to your insurance provider. An adjuster will need to come out and document the damage, seeing exactly what condition your vehicle is now in.

You can take this time to see if your insurance policy covers collision damage. Dents, for example, may be included in your policy and that just means there is one less thing you'll have to pay for after the repair process. After talking to your insurance provider, you'll have a better idea of what to do and can then respond accordingly.

Find a Repair Shop

If your vehicle is not totaled and the body can be salvaged, then what you need to do now is find an auto body collision repair shop. There may be several shops in your area that provide these services, but you need to be careful about which one you go with.

Ideally, you want the repair shop to have licensed auto body technicians. They have been through ample training and thus know how to deal with all sorts of auto body issues. You also want a repair shop that doesn't have a long wait time, as you may need this vehicle back as quickly as possible. 

Auto collisions are not ideal because they can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle's body. If you're in this position, take your time getting your vehicle inspected and repaired. Being patient will ultimately help you avoid a lot of mistakes and make this process less stressful to deal with. Look for local auto body collision repair services